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Get to Know Us

Mission Statement

We aim to help nurture and enhance a more vibrant, resilient, and sustainable local community. Our goal is to encourage a sense of belonging and personal investment in the town and to revive Andover's historic old Town Hall as a place for people of all ages to gather for social, educational, cultural, recreational, and economic activities. 


Our story

Founded in 2019, The Andover Community Hub is a young organization housed in an old building.  Andover's original 1879 Town Hall was bought at a foreclosure auction in 2016 with the goal of returning it to its roots as a center of the community, while at the same time preserving a vital and beloved piece of town history.  


Through a merger with the existing Andover Community Association (ACA) in 2019, The Hub became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and continues the ACA's tradition of community-building through bringing people together. 

In addition to offering a wide variety of classes, informal gatherings and events, The Hub also provides meeting space for community organizations, and space for things like kids' birthday parties and bridal showers.  The Hub has no staff and relies on community members to lead, teach and organize programs.  We  welcome the involvement of anyone who would like to help build our community by sharing their ideas, skills, time and support. 

The Andover Community Hub is financed entirely by small program fees, individual donations, rentals, fundraising events and an occasional foundation grant.  Becoming a "Friend of The Hub" and making a donation of any amount is an easy way to show your support, to help keep the heat and lights on, and to get involved.  

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